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Nostalghia (1983), Andrei Tarkovsky

Always great.

See also: bliss.

See also: bliss.

There I go again with politics no one cares about. Brazilian politics again, which is even worse.

Anyway, this has happened. And this is not nothing. Brazil has had an undernourished population for nearly as long as it has existed. In the last 10  years, the number of it fell by 80%. Again, this is not nothing.

As I said before, there is very legitimate criticism to be made of the current government, and there is a real question on how to move forward, but we should indeed keep on moving forward. The most vocal critics, however, are very clear on their desire to “take the country back”, and undo most of what has been done in the last decade. The millions of people who used to be starving are a mere afterthought, certainly nothing to base decisions on.

These are the same people who have the gall of accusing the government of trying to turn Brazil into “a new Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea”. That should tell you something right away. Those three countries share only a few of the same problems, which have certainly wildly different causes and histories. How can you honestly compare North Korea to any other country, really?

I understand the connection they make: those three countries have or have had governments that were at certain points inspired by socialist ideas, and so were once the current people in charge of Brazil. But that is a very lazy comparison, made by people who don’t take the time to learn about the world. If they did, they might realize, from the little we know for sure about North Korea, that it is one of the most militarized countries in the world, and that it is a very repressive police state, punishing severely even small infractions. They also have the death penalty, and public executions. These are things these same critics seem very keen on implementing in Brazil.

The future of Brazil is still uncertain (as is any other country’s at this point), and there’s a lot of room for debate on how to proceed. But it has to be based on actual facts and reality, not on these absurd, made-up scenarios.

Sun Kil Moon - Carissa
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Sun Kil Moon || Carissa

This whole album is so real it hurts

Another 2014 album I desperately need to add to my collection.

One day I worried I might become one of those old guys who don’t listen to anything new. I think that won’t be happening.


graffiti in Yokohama (by Mike B in Colorado)


graffiti in Yokohama (by Mike B in Colorado)


UNLOCKING THE TRUTH "Kriss Kross this isn’t. Lock up your daughters, America: these sixth-grade metalheads from Flatbush, Brooklyn are on a mission to rock your socks off."

There’s hope for this world.


Artist Creates A Charming Illustrated Guide to the Dogs of the World Grouped by Their Geographic Origin

we-spies this might interest you.

This is without a doubt the best review for Destiny that you’re ever likely to see.

‘The Concept’ by Teenage FanclubI’m feeling basic today.

‘The Concept’ by Teenage Fanclub
I’m feeling basic today.


Bá inking the last page of our new book. Unbelievable. Comics are AWESOME!

They really are.


Bá inking the last page of our new book.
Comics are AWESOME!

They really are.